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Privacy Statement:
The Advisers Trust, LLC was founded on the belief that the relationship of trust shared between a client and their advisor is of the highest regard.   It is with this sentiment that we at The Advisers Trust, LLC have outlined policies and practices which ensure the privacy of all customer information. We believe that it is critical to comply with the laws and regulations designed to secure the personal and financial privacy of our clients.

This Privacy Statement applies to our relationships with individual clients, both current and former.  In accordance with private regulations under the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act clients are informed of our privacy policy as part of the account opening process and on an annual basis.

Protection of Personal Information:
The Advisers Trust, LLC never discloses any nonpublic personal information about you to anyone in any circumstance without your consent.  The only existing situation where nonpublic personal information may be revealed is if it is required by law.
Employees have access to personal information only in direct business cases.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect all personal information about you.  Should our working relationship terminate we will maintain our standards of nondisclosure with the highest degree of professionalism and without question.

Information We Collect About You:
When you open an account we will need to collect the following information from you:

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Identification Number
  • U.S. Citizen: taxpayer identification number (social security number or employee identification number)
  • Non U.S. Citizen: taxpayer identification, passport number, and country of issuance, alien identification card number, or government-issued identification showing nationality, residence, and photograph of you.

In addition, a driver’s license or other identifying product documents must be provided.  The U.S. Department of Treasury, Securities and Exchange Commission, and FINRA require you to provide this information along with additional information such as your net worth, annual income, occupation, employment information, investment experience and objectives, and risk tolerance.

As per FINRA, we are required to update your account information once every three (3) years.
We collect information about you to:

  • Comply with laws and regulation;
  • Accurately identify you;
  • Protect and service your records, accounts and funds;
  • Help us improve and design our products and services to you;
  • Comprehend your financial needs;
  • Offer quality products and services;

Information We May Disclose About You:
To provide account management services we may disclose personal information in very limited circumstances, these include:

  • As permitted by law we may disclose personal information about you to nonaffiliated companies who help us service your account (i.e. providing account information to custodians);
  • Other restricted disclosures as permitted by law (i.e. required reports to government agencies);
  • Responding to a subpoena or other legal proceedings;
  • When an account beneficiary who is entitled to the information on the account makes a request;
  • When requested or authorized by you

The AdvisersTrust, LLC may not be able to open an account if you do not provide the requested information or if it cannot be verified.  United States Laws and the practices of its’ financial regulatory agencies will always be adhered to by The AdvisersTrust, LLC.