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The Advisers Trust, LLC has created a Business Continuity Plan outlining how we will respond to an event that causes considerable disruption to our business.  Although flexibility is a must in responding to a crisis, we still have procedures in place to ensure stability in any disconcerting incident that may take place.

Contacting Us:  If you are unable to contact us via our business line, 203-270-7700, please contact us via our alternative lines – 203-270-7373  or  203-270-0057  or  203-300-5050.  Relevant information will also be posted on our website at  

If none of these options work, please contact our broker/dealer at   If still you cannot access instructions from either of these websites or the telephone numbers provided please contact The Trustmont Financial Group at 724-468-5665.

As we do NOT custody our clients assets, in the event that the above contacts are not accessible, then please contact your custodian directly (i.e. TD Ameritrade, American Funds, etc.).

Our Business Continuity Plan: The Advisers Trust, LLC plans to respond and recover quickly to a significant disruption to our business.  The safeguarding of employees and property, protecting the firm’s books and records, assessing operational capabilities, and allowing our clients to continue with business as usual are of the highest concern.  In brief, our business continuity plan is designed to assist our firm in resuming operations as quickly as possible within the scope of the severity of disaster we are facing.

Our Business Continuity Plan addresses:

  • Data back up and recovery
  • All mission critical systems
  • Financial and operational assessments
  • Alternative ways to communicate with customers
  • Alternate physical location to conduct business
  • Assurance to clients of quick access to their funds and securities if the firm is unable to continue business

Varying DisruptionsDisruptions can vary in reach.  Events can affect something as small as our building, and increasing with the severity of the disturbance, can affect our business district, the town we conduct business in, or even the region we conduct business in.  In the event that our building is disrupted we will transfer our operations to a different local site within 24 hours.  In an event where the disruption is larger, affecting our business district, town, region, or state we will move our operations outside of the affected area and expect to resume operations within 48-72 hours.  In any of the above situations please contact us at 203-270-7373 or at our website to gain further details on the situation.